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VAT Returns

Part of running a successful business involves understanding and complying with your tax requirements as and when they arise. Whether you are starting a new venture or are an established company, it is essential to know your position in relation to VAT. At Nokes, we provide the professional advice you need to make an informed decision on the right time for your business to register for VAT and handle the paperwork on your behalf. Our qualified accountants can also offer expert advice on VAT tax schemes and prepare and file your VAT return directly with HM Revenue & Customs.

While there is no requirement to register for VAT until your income goes beyond the stated threshold, in some circumstances, it can be advantageous for a company to register for VAT from the outset. Where it is advisable to wait, we will monitor your situation and notify you at the point at which VAT registration is required. Our experienced tax accountants can facilitate the process by taking care of all the paperwork for you.

At the point of registration, it is important to know which VAT schemes your business is eligible for. Our tax accountants can advise you on the most suitable option, whether that is a specific VAT scheme or a combination of more than one.

Businesses that submit incorrect information or fail to pay VAT on time can be liable to pay penalties and interest so it is essential to keep your VAT affairs in good order. We can help your business to prepare your VAT return using your own bookkeeping records or from record keeping we have conducted on your behalf. If you require, we can also act as your agent for VAT, corresponding and filing your VAT returns directly with HM Revenue & Customs.

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Tax Returns

Whether you are a company director, self-employed or a partner in a partnership, you are under a legal obligation to file a yearly tax return with HM Revenue & Customs. Preparing a tax return is not a simple process. It is essential that you know which tax code applies to your business and strictly adhere to a number of set guidelines and deadlines.

At Nokes, our tax accountants will use their knowledge and expertise to prepare your tax return, ensuring that it is correct and meets all requirements. We can also accurately calculate your tax liability so that you pay the right amount of tax, file your tax return directly with HM Revenue & Customs and notify you of the amount and date the payment is due.

Alternatively, if you have already completed a self-assessment tax return, our tax accountants can look through the form to check whether you are eligible for any tax savings and can also make sure that it is completed accurately prior to submission, thus reducing the risk of your tax affairs coming under the scrutiny of a HM Revenue & Customs enquiry.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning will help you arrange your financial affairs in a way that minimises your tax liabilities and maximises your wealth. Planning an effective tax saving strategy requires sound knowledge of the latest tax rules so you can take advantage of lawful reliefs and allowances to minimise the amount you pay.

At Nokes, our experienced tax accountants can help find the correct tax planning solution for you. By accessing your financial situation and looking at your financial goals we can advise on whether this should involve applying straightforward options or tailoring solutions specifically to your business. We can also look at re-structuring and consolidating your tax affairs to minimise your liability.

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Tax Investigations

Appointing an accountant to keep your affairs in order is the best step you can take to minimise the risk of an enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs, however, due to changes in law there no longer needs to be a reason to investigate and random, unavoidable investigations are becoming more commonplace. As a result, everyone is at risk.

It is essential to have the support of experts who can advise you on how to protect yourself during an investigation. At Nokes, we have helped clients resolve all types of investigations from simple tax enquiries to complex investigations and voluntary disclosures. Our investigation specialists will guide you through the process and negotiate with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf to minimise the stress and disruption an investigation may otherwise cause.

Our tax specialists can support you in all investigatory areas including; voluntary disclosures, technical disputes with HM Revenue & Customs, VAT investigations, PAYE investigations, corporate tax investigations and code of practice 9 (COP9) and COP 8 investigations.

To resolve your tax issues efficiently our tax specialists will:

  • Analyse the issue, explain the risks and outline your best available options;
  • Prepare disclosure reports and deal with tax enquiries and conflicts;
  • Handle all meetings and hearings and negotiate on your behalf so you can avoid direct contact with HM Revenue & Customs during an investigation;
  • Negotiate to calculate outstanding tax due and ensure you are only liable for the lowest possible penalty;
  • Secure a reasonable payment period for you to pay outstanding tax and penalties.
  • At Nokes, we take care of the entire investigatory process for you so there is minimum disruption to your life. Once we have reached a fair and reasonable settlement on your behalf all that is required is for you to pay the outstanding amount.

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